The Curriculums



The .b programme and the paws .b programme were put together by a team of UK teachers who also study and practice mindfulness. It was introduced into the UK just a couple of years ago, originating from the States.


The .b logo stands for "Stop. Breathe. And Be."



What are the aims?


They are awareness-raising exercises which all pupils can take part in, from ages 7-16 years old. It is an introduction to mindfulness, something they can become aware of and return to it later in life if they choose to do so. However, for many, the courses can lead to immediate results, both in the classroom and outside.


The curriculums aim to help children:


  •  FULFIL THEIR POTENTIAL, academically and personally

  •  IMPROVE THEIR CONCENTRATION and FOCUS, in class, in tests, in music, in sport

  •  WORK WITH DIFFICULT MENTAL STATES such as anxious thoughts and low moods

  • cope with everyday stresses such as RELATIONSHIPS, SLEEP PROBLEMS and FAMILY ISSUES



Which pupils are they aimed at?


The curriculums are flexible enough to be used in a range of contexts - either as a whole-class timetabled lesson, or taught to groups of pupils who volunteer or are specially selected (maybe to address an issue such as stress or anxiety).


What happens in a session?


Each of the sessions teaches a distinct mindfulness skill, designed in such a way that young minds find visually and practically engaging. Putting mindfulness in a relevant context  motivates them to become still and then focus on a short practice - eg becoming aware of the breath, becoming aware of how the body reacts to stress and noticing thought patterns. The whole course is supported by a student booklet.


Both programmes are taught with striking, modern visuals, amusing film clips relevant to children’s everyday life and activities which really bring mindfulness to life. Through doing the engaging practices, the children can really “feel” it on a personal level and in so doing come away with a sense of empowerment and confidence which can be applied to their everyday lives.


The .b curriculum is composed of nine one hour sessions - aimed at ages 11-16.


The paws .b curriculum is composed of six sessions - aimed at ages 7-11. Each session lasts around 45 minutes.


More information on the curriculums can be found at



The MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project) has been positively evaluated by Cambridge University and Oxford Brookes and is slowly being rolled out to all ages in a range of learning environments.