What do teachers think?


"The children found it really useful as a way of tapping in to their own feelings, to teach them ways of being calm and in preparation for the move onto secondary schools. Lucy also delivered staff training - a great session which we all enjoyed. I was impressed with the sessions and how much the children have benefitted from them - I intend to book Lucy again for next year."

Sally Esom, Headteacher, Markyate School


"Mindfulness has clearly empowered the children's thought processes to enable them to develop more positive coping strategies. I would recommend it to children, staff AND parents as an effective form of stress relief and a very important life skill to develop."

Sara Lawrence, Headteacher, St Nicholas School, Harpenden



What do pupils think?

"It helps me deal with the stress of everyday life"

"It helped me respond not react to my thoughts"

"It calmed me down and made me sleep better"

"I feel it has really helped me in my everyday life...so there's only one thing to say - IT ROCKS!!!"

"Lucy makes mindfulness so relaxing, she can relate to you and has helped with SATs coming"

"I learned I don't have to go away with my worries"

"When can I go back to the mindfulness sessions?  I found them really helpful and it helped me deal with difficult situations at school."


What do parents think?

"Mindfulness has made my son stop, think, reflect and continue. Life is busy for the children but having some simple and very effective strategies in place has encouraged him to focus his thoughts and mind. I'm beginning to see a more confident young man in his approach to life"

Phillipa, Flamstead



“After a stressful sports day experience, I desperately wanted to help my child cope with his overwhelming feelings of anxiety to enable him to shine at something he was naturally good at. I remembered those feelings myself and I didn’t want them to hold him back (like they had me) from achieving things . Mindfulness has taught him how to recognise anxiety  and the breathing techniques he has learned allow him to carry on anyway. Watching his face after scoring his 3rd try  of the game on the rugby pitch was amazing, his confidence has soared and opened up so many more opportunities for him.”

Alison, Flamstead



"My son is due to start the programme in his school and both he and I are excited about being offered the opportunity to focus on emotional health - well done to school for highlighting this important area of child development."

Julie, Harpenden



"Since returning to school in Jan the teacher has come out to speak to me to tell me how engaged Finian has been in lessons and how his concentration is improving.  In addition, Finian's friendship group has grown significantly and he talks positively about what he is doing at lunchtime with his peer group. The vocabulary he uses about school is much more positive.  We are also being clearer at home about what is expected of him and we are seeing that he can manage that better - i.e. less outbursts to get his own way and a more reasoned approach."

Lisa, Harpenden



 My 8 year old son is on the autistic spectrum and suffers with low self esteem, and anger/emotional issues. He finds it very difficult to recognise his feelings and is very quick to lash out in frustration. The mindfulness techniques which were taught to him during his six week course with Lucy have helped him to stay more grounded and focussed when in

stressful/new/frustrating situations. I have had feedback from school that he is using the techniques there to deal with situations which would normally have resulted in him being segregated for time out, or disciplinary measures. He has also been practising his techniques to aid his getting to sleep which he finds very difficult. I cannot recommend mindfulness for children strongly enough.

"Thank you Lucy Mortimer. Oscar has had an amazing parent's evening. The teachers told me he has been practising mindfulness at school and it has transformed his attitude."

Sarah, St Albans



I have seen many benefits from my daughter's Mindfulness sessions. She now has a number of coping strategies to help her in every day life, school situations and dealing with conflict.Expectations on children are so great these days, I feel giving them the tools to be able to cope with situations is empowering and hope that as she grows up she will use these new tools in life to come.

Julia, Harpenden



I registered my daughter on a one-to-one mindfulness course with Lucy, to help her cope with the struggles of year 5 friendships and to cope with the pressures of year 5 development and school in general. It is evident she has benefited from the course and has experienced the power of the techniques taught e.g. loading up worries on the bus (especially at night time) so she can go to sleep peacefully, petal practice when she needs to calm and focus etc. I wish I'd known about these tools when I was her age!! I would really recommend the course:)

Becs, Harpenden