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Am aware I haven't blogged for some time, it's been on my (long) to-do list... Lots has been happening! It's been really interesting seeing how the word is spreading. Since I first started trying to introduce mindfulness into schools a few years ago, the momentum has sped up. I've been approached by a radio station to give a talk and am now running an annual programme in five Harpenden schools as well as three schools elsewhere in Herts, a mixture of primary and secondary.

As well as this I'm filling up my Saturdays with private clients, ranging from 6 years old through to 65! Many parents are approaching me as the word spreads, both for themselves and their children. It's so beneficial to encompass the whole family with the techniques I teach. Many of us parents try to instil resilience and confidence in our children but are unaware of the subconscious role-modelling we portray on a day-to-day basis. If they see us frazelled, cross and stressed then this has such an effect on them!

I'm now thinking of running workshops for ante and postnatal ladies as I know from experience the challenges this brings, both on a physical and emotional level. If anyone's interested then do get in touch.

#teaching #antenata #postnatal #workshops

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