Mindfulness in the Workplace

So here's a new venture I'm interested in pursuing -

How mindfulness can help adults in the workplace..esp in relation to giving presentations. Hands up how many of you enjoy public-speaking?!

The effect nerves can have on your voice can be so debilitating, at a time when you're needing to portray yourself as a vision of strength and calmness.

Did you know that it's not WHAT you say but HOW you say it which is important? The Stanford Study looked at the cause behind a person's ability to influence others - and found that a massive 93% of your personality when speaking publicly is determined by HOW you sound (tonality, texture etc) and what your BODY does when you're speaking. All of which can be strengthened through learning mindfulness techniques:

  • anchoring the body enabling you to alter your physical presence

  • understanding the thought-feeling-body sensation-behaviour cycle and how to break it

  • identifying your own personal stress 'signature'

  • incorporating breathing techniques which allow you to project your voice without sounding aggressive - which can happen if the throat and chest muscles are tight, so having to push your voice harder.

Get in touch if you feel this is something which is hindering you at work - you don't have to live with the stress!

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