Benefits of Mindfulness

The cost of work-related stress in the UK is estimated at £3.7 billion a year. ( and


Mindfulness is already in mainstream work environments (for example Google, IBM) as well as being offered at The Royal Academy of Music to help with performance....and also in the Armed Forces. More recently it has broken ground into the school environment.


You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”   John Kabat-Zinn


Its place in Schools -


It can just as easily help children who are struggling with pressures such as exams, peers, relationships with teachers, body image and family dynamics as well as children who are seemingly ‘doing OK’...and so it's seen as being of benefit to ALL children, rather than being targeted at specific groups.



  • It’s easy to implement

  • It can strengthen the immune system, so reducing absenteeism

  • It can help improve reading scores

  • It can help develop stronger attention and concentration skills

  • It can enable children to sustain more positive interpersonal relationships, both with peers, staff and family members


Mindfulness can be used to empower children to take control of their emotional life, which in turn can affect their learning capabilities.

Who can benefit from Mindfulness?